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Achieving, advancing, succeeding

Maths, English and 11+ Tuition

Procedo Education provides high quality, one-to-one and group tutoring in Maths, English and 11+, by a qualified primary school teacher, in Teddington. We are passionate about helping children learn, and provide lessons that are fun and engaging, within a happy, safe and caring environment.  We teach lessons to  primary aged children, seven to eleven years old. 

Latest News!

We have just started a new Procedo Maths afterschool club, at Stanley primary school, in Teddington. For interested parents please visit Stanley's website and download the Procedo Maths external club form. 


Tutoring Services

Procedo provides tutoring in Maths, English and 11+, tailored to your child's needs. We use the latest teaching methods, reinforcing the learning children are familiar with in schools. For those children who are taking the 11+ exams, we consolidate learning of the maths and english curriculum. We also teach verbal and non verbal reasoning, use past papers, mock exams and practise interview technique. We have experience teaching children who have successfully been offered places at grammar or independent schools. 

We can provide one-to-one tuition, as well as individualised teaching in a small group setting. Studies have shown, that small group tutoring is an effective way of teaching, because children are more relaxed among their peers, and this is conducive to learning. Also, when taking part in educational games, the group situation provides an opportunity for children to play together and enjoy a healthy sense of competition, whilst working towards a common purpose. It is also more cost effective for parents.

With the recent Covid 19 crisis, we are conscious of the importance of children's well-being  and that children have been through  some unsettling times.  Lessons aim to be fun and engaging,  providing children with the tools they need to succeed, within a happy, caring and supportive atmosphere.

Alongside teaching children the necessary skills they require, Procedo  places importance on self learning, and where possible encourages students to discover how to solve problems independently. This helps equip students to learn proactively, how to use their judgement and strengthens understanding. They will have a much higher sense of achievement and develop high academic ability.

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Maths Tutoring

Mastering mathematical skills

Maths is taught in line with the 'maths mastery' approach currently used in schools, and following the National Curriculum. So children will be already familiar with these teaching methods, and will be able to build on their current understanding and through practise gain mastery over the methods used. Maths lessons will consist of arithmetic and problem solving.

To extend learning we use worded problems with real-life examples, which can require multiple steps to solve, at a more advanced level. It can be difficult for children to understand what is being asked of them, and so we teach children to break down these worded problems into simple arithmetic, revealing the basic equations that underline seemingly complicated questions.  At Procedo, we take time to explain and practise.

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English Tutoring

Writing with Confidence

Our English lessons are designed to teach written comprehension, essay writing, grammar, spelling and punctuation, in line with the National Curriculum and targets. Our weekly lessons will cover  children's reading and comprehension skills with a variety of short and long form questions. We will also focus on writing skills, covering different styles, such as report writing, letter writing and stories. In addition we will work on using correct punctuation, grammar and spellings. 

During writing tasks, we will encourage children to edit and improve their work. Then we will mark together so that children can actively learn and develop their English skills, and confidence.

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11+ Tutoring

Tutoring that is Structured, Supportive and Fun!

Procedo Education provides personalised 11+ one to one, as well as group tuition.  Teaching includes consolidating Maths and English, in line with the National Curriculum, as well as verbal and non-verbal reasoning practise, following GL and CEM Assessment papers. Verbal reasoning encourages logical and analytical thinking and helps extend vocabulary. Non verbal reasoning encourages children to think logically and uses observational skills, such as spotting patterns. 

Procedo Education provides a structured 11+ syllabus that builds on children’s knowledge, learning, and understanding, and we bring in 11+ style timed papers of increasing difficulty towards the end of year 5 and Year 6.  We will also carry out mock tests and interviews. 

Due to the different nature of 11+ test papers, we strongly recommend that you start your child in year 4 or 5 so that they have the maximum time to secure their knowledge and develop their skills and confidence in answering 11+ style questions.


Our group sessions for 11+ specifically, last for 1.5 hours, and cost £40. Materials are charged at £30 per term. This covers costs of ad hoc printing, providing past test papers and text books, as required.

1:1 sessions are booked up quickly.  Please get in touch for availability. 



Procedo will help support your child's learning in English, Maths or study for 11+, through providing specialist tutoring. Following both the National Curriculum and current teaching methods used in schools, our tutoring will help close gaps in learning. It will also deepen and reinforce your child's knowledge and skills,  which will develop their confidence. 

For children who are studying for 11+, we also include verbal and non verbal reasoning practise. We will help your child develop a secure understanding and enable strong performance in these areas. 

Outdoors Tutoring

Meet the Team

​Kathryn Scanlan - Tutor

  • Qualified and experienced primary school teacher and tutor. 

  • PGCE Primary Curriculum KS1 & KS2 with part Masters

  • BSc (Hons) 2:1 Psychology

  • CAM Certificate Advertising and Marketing. 

  • Current DBS 

Hello! My name is Kathryn and I have teaching experience in both independent and state schools.  I am the founder  of Procedo Education, which is a Latin word meaning to achieve, advance, be successful and prosper, and I believe all children should have this opportunity. 

I have taught for over five years in schools in the local area, covering Years one to six.  I know which teaching schemes, methods and resources get the best results, and have selected the best up-to-date resources and teaching methods, based on my own teaching experience for Procedo Education. 

I am passionate about creating lessons that are engaging, fun and inspire children in their learning. 

I work with a range of abilities and specific learning needs and ensure I get to know your child's needs personally, and take this into account when planning and providing resources to support their learning and progress. All the children I have taught have made very good progress, and  I love nothing more than to see children develop in confidence and independence as they master their subject knowledge and skills.

I can easily identify and close the gaps in children's knowledge and understanding, particularly important now with the amount of time children have missed from school. I can also prepare children for SATs or 11+ entrance exams for grammar and independent schools.

As a mother of two children, one who recently went through SATs and applications to secondary schools, I understand the worries and the pressures on children and parents.

Before training to become a teacher I worked as a Senior Account Director in well known advertising and marketing agencies. I  also served six years as a Trustee and Non-Executive Director for the NCT Charity and NCT Trading Ltd, the largest UK parenting organisation. In addition, I was Chair of the Twickenham NCT Branch, helping to support parents locally.  


Get in Touch

Maths and English Tutoring Fees

For one to one tuition, fees are £50 per hour. 

Please get in touch for fees for small tuition groups for Maths and English. 

Materials are charged at £15 per half term per subject. This covers the cost of  Maths or English workbooks and ad-hoc printing, as required.

11+ Tutoring Fees

For one-to-one tuition fees are £60 per hour.

Our group sessions for 11+ specifically, last for 1.5 hours, and cost £50. Materials are charged at £30 per term. This covers the costs of ad-hoc printing, providing past test papers and text books, as required.

Fees are billed at the beginning of each term of teaching and are due in advance. Terms are normally ten weeks. We generally follow local state school term dates.   

There will be a minimum of three children for group tuition, and  a maximum of eight. 

All bookings are subject to Procedo Education's Terms and Conditions. A copy of which is available on request. 

FREE Assessment

We offer a free assessment of your child in order to evaluate their current ability and to spot gaps in their learning and areas that require further development. 

On receipt of your details, we will make an appointment to carry out your child's free assessment. In Maths, the assessment involves an Arithmetic and Reasoning test. In English, the assessment involves a reading and grammar test. Then they can begin Procedo Education!

How can I secure a space?
To register your interest please submit your details ASAP in the form below, and we will be in touch.

If you have any questions, comments or requests, feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

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Teddington, UK



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Girl with Teacher

Dear Kathryn,
Thank you for all your amazing work with A. She really enjoys maths now and we are so pleased she has moved to the top set in maths.

Parent - Teddington

Thank you Mrs Scanlan for all your hard work. You are an amazing teacher! I will miss you.

E (aged 10)

Dear Kathryn,

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given V over the past two years. We are so pleased with the progress she has made in maths, and has really grown in confidence. She loves maths now! I know she will miss you!

Parent - East Molesey